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YNB CR14250SE 3.0V 950mAh

Part No.: YNBCR14250SE
Yunergy Battery CR14250SE 3.0V 950mAh 1/2AA Li-MnO2 Battery
1)Nominal Capacity: 950mAh(at 0.5mA, +20°C/2.0V cut off)
2)Nominal Voltage: 3.0V
3)Size: 1/2AA
4)Max. Continuous Current: 20mA
5)Max. Pulse Current: 70mA
6)Operating Temperature: -30°C~+80°C
7)Storage Temperature: Max.30°C
8)Dimension: 14.5(D)*25.0(H)mm
9)Weight: 11g
10)Shelf Life: ≥10 years
11)Shelf Discharge Rate: ≤1%

  • 1)High and stable load voltage 
    2)Hermetic glass-to-metal sealing 
    3)Low self-discharge rate  (less than 1% after 1 year of storage  at 20°C) 
    4)Stainless steel container 
    5)Laser welding 
    6)Superior drain capacity 
    7)Non-flammable electrolyte

  • 1)GPS equipment Radiocommunication 
    2)Alarms and security systems 
    3)Led lighting applications 
    4)Beacons and emergency location  transmitters 
    5)Military applications 
    6)Metering systems 

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