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Panasonic CR2032

Part No: Panasonic CR2032
Model: Panasonic CR2032 3V Button Cell
1) Voltage: 3V
2) Nominal Capacity: 210 mAh
3) Weight:3.1g
4) Dimension: 20 mm x 3.2 mm (D x H)
5) Standard Current: 0.2 mA
6) Pulse Current(Max): 15 mA
7) Continuous Current(Max):3.0 mA
8) Perform temperature: -20 degree to 60 degree

  • 1) Panasonic CR2032 lithium button cell battery 
    2) Long shelf &working time 
    3) Competitive price with high quality


  • Application: 
    Remote controls, MP4, digital cameras, audio and video equipment,  computer motherboards, memory cards, music cards, calculators, miniature instruments, medical equipment, LED flash, card reader, small appliances, alarm system,  electronic watches and clocks, toys, electronic gifts,electronic instrumentation, electronic dictionary , all kinds of electronics standby power, telecommunication, digital electronics, IT,etc.

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