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CR2016 3V Coin Battery

Part No.: CR2016
Model: CR2016 3v 75mAh LiMnO2 lithium ion no-rechargeable button battery
1)Dimension: H1.6*D20.0mm
3)Packing: Bulk pack or blister packing
4)Delivery time: within 7days
5)Warranty: 12 months
Both OEM and ODM orders are welcome.

  • Main features on 3V lithium button cell battery
    1)Compact and lightweight;
    2)Extremely high energy density per unit weight
    3)Have higher volt and stable power supply quality
    4)Extremly small self-discharge for long service and shelf life
    5)A wide compact operational temperature range of -20°C~60°C
    6)It has wide range of applications, optimum for memory and RTC backu
  • 1)Backup power, such as computer motherboards
    2)Electronic watches
    3)Electronic dictionaries
    4)Electronic scales
    5)Remote controls
    6)Electric toys
    8)Electronic hearing aids
    10)Cameras, etc...
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