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YNB ER34615M Battery Packs

Part No:YNB34615MBP
Model: Yunergy Battery ER34615M 2S1P Battery packs
Voltage: 7.2v
Assemble Type: 2S1P
Part No:ER34615M-2P01
Rated Capacity: 14500mAh
Typical Capacity: 13000mAh
Dimension: H66mm-W34mm-L69mm
Weight: 220g

  • 1)High-voltage(3.6v)
    2)The specific energy(500wh/kg) and energy density(1000wh/dm3) are very high
    3)The discharge voltage is very stable
    4)Wide working temperature range(-55°C~85°C),Max can be 150°C.
    5)Self-discharge is very low, the shelf life can be more than 10 years

  • LiSOCl2 battery packs application to very kinds of electric equipment 
    1)Mainly used in civilian field: public instrument, AMR and CMOS circuit board
    2)Various intelligent meter, intelligent electric meter, water meter, heat meter, gas meter
    3)Memory and backup power supply: memory backup, clock power supply, data backup power supply
    4)Radio alarm / sensor: smoke alarm, temperature monitor
    5)Remote monitoring system: positioning device and ocean telemetry system
    6)Automotive electronics: tire pressure monitoring system
    7)Industry: automation instruments and meters and equipment, oil wells, mines, medical equipment, anti-theft alarm, wireless communications, marine life-saving, etc.
    8)Modern defense and military areas: aviation, aerospace, navigation, electronics, land and air, weapons and so on
  • ER26500 LiSOCL2 Battery
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