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ER26500 LiSOCL2 Battery

Part No:YNBER26500
Model: YNB LiSOCL2 Battery
1)Normal Voltage:3.6v
2)Capacity:4200mah(100mA to 2v,at 25°C)
3)Max Continuous dischargecurrent:100mA
4)Max Plus current:200mA
5)Storge Temperature:20°C-30°C
6)Operating Temperature:-20°C-150°C

  • 1) High energy density
    2) High open circuit voltage
    3) Stable operating voltage and current
    4) Wide operating temperature range, -20°C~+150°C.
    5) Long shelf life, more than 10 years for low power equipment
    6) Low self-discharge rate (less than 1% at room temperature per year)
    7) Stainless steel can and cover
    8) Hermetic glass-to-metal full sealed, laser welding, no leak
    9) Non-flammable electrolyte
    10)Superior drain capacity

  • 1) Utility meter (water, electricity, gas meter,AMR)
    2) Alarm or security equipment (smoke alarm system, detector)
    3) GPS tracking
    4) Teal time clock
    5) Digital control machine
    6) Military
    7) Remote monitoring systems
    8) Car electronic

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