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YNB NCM32650-6.3Ah

Part No.: YNBNCM3265063
Yunergy Battery NCM32650-6.3Ah Cylinder lithium Ion Battery
1)Nominal Capacity: 6300mAh
2)Work Voltage: 2.7V~4.2V (T>-10℃ )
2.5V~4.2V (-20℃≤T≤-10℃)
2.0V~4.2V (T<-20℃ )
3)Working Temperature: -20~45°C (charging Temperature)
-40~45°C (discharging Temperature)
4)Type: Li-ion
5)Internal Resistance(Ac. 1kHz): ≤6mΩ
6)Shell Material: Steel case for single cell
7)Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ 45°C
8)Dimension: 32.15(D)*67.15(H)mm
9)Cycle Time: more than 1000 cycles
10)Weight: 150g

  • 1)High capacity
    2)Low temperature working
    3)Excellent life cycle: after 500 cycles, capacity discharge is still higher than 90%;
    4)Safety: No explosion. No fire. No leakage.

  • 1)GPS equipment Radiocommunication
    2)Alarms and security systems
    3)Led lighting applications
    4)Beacons and emergency location  transmitters
    5)Military applications
    6)Metering systems
    7)EV (electric bicycles, electric wheelchairs, electric motorcycles, electric tricycle, electric golf carts, passenger cars, electric cars balance and other electric vehicles).
    8)Medical equipment
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