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YNB 2/3AAA350HP Ni-MH 1.2V

Part No.: YNB2/3AAA350NH
Yunergy Battery 2/3AAA350HP Ni-MH 1.2V Rechargeable Battery
1)Nominal Capacity: 350mAh
2)Nominal Voltage: 1.2V
3)Mfrs.: Yunergy Battery
4)Battery Type: Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery
5)Model: 2/3AA A
6)Cycle Life: More than 500 times
7)Package: Industrial Package

  • 1)Long Service Life
    Under normal use,YUNERGY batteries can provide more than 1200 charge/discharge cycles, or 5 years standby power.
    2)Execellent Overcharge Performance
    YUNERGY batteries can be continuously overcharged at 0.1C rate for 48 hours without leakage or deformation.
    3)Low Shelf-discharge Character
    YUNERGY batteries hold 80% capacity after 12 months at store ,good capacity retention.
    4)High Reliability
  • 1)Digital Camera
    2)Portable Video
    5)Remote Control
    6)Electric Toy
    7)MP3/MP4 Player
    8)Electric Razor 
    9)Communication equipment
    10)Modality equipment 
    11)Electric tool and so on
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