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LGDBHE41865 3.7v 2500mAh

Part No:LGDBHE41865
Model:LGDBHE41865 3.7v 2500mAh Rechargeable Power Battery Cell
1)Capacity: 2500mAh
2)Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
3)Standard Charge-
Constant current: 1250mA
Constant voltage: 4.2V
End current(Cut off): 50mA
4)Fast Charge-
Constant current:4000mA
Constant voltage:4.2V
End current(Cut off) : 100mA
5)Max. Charge Voltage: 4.2V
6)Max. Charge Current: 4000mA
7)Standard Discharge-
Constant current:500mA
End voltage(Cut off):2.5V
8)Max. Discharge Current: 20A
9)Max. Discharge Current: 35A
10)Weight of: Max. 48.0G

  • 1)High energy density
    2)Factory price&High quality
    3)Low self-discharge rate
    4)Long life more than 500 cycles
  • 1)Cellular phone, note PC ect.
    2)DVD/DSC/DVD/Portable LCD TV ect.
    3)Portable CD player, MD player, Semiconductor-driven audio ect
    4)Power Bank and Electric Bike
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