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YNB 14.8V5200mAh Li-ion Battery Pack

Part No: YNB14852BP
Model: Yunergy Battery 14.8V5200mAh Li-ion Battery Pack for Scout Flash
1)Voltage: 14.8v
2)Capacity: 5200mAh
3)Material: Lithium Ion
4)Packing Type: 4S2P
5)Continuous Discharge: 6A Max
6)PCB: 5A Continuous Discharge
7)Package: Blue PVC
8)Weight: 0.4Kg
9)Dimension: 74*76*40mm
10)Application: Scout Flash
11)Mnfg Name: Yunergy Battery

  • Advantage of lithium ion battery:
    1) Long cycle life
    2) No memory effect
    3) High energy density
    4) Light weight, small size
    5) Competitive price& high quality
    6) Good consistency, low self discharge
    7) With short-circuit production function, safe and reliable
    8) High working voltage for single battery cells pollution-free
    9) high Capacity, small resistance,suitable voltage, steady performance

  • 1)EV,e-bikes
    2)power tools
    3)medical devices
    4)intelligent robot system
    5)emergency power supply
    6)large-scale industry devices
    7)other suitable dc output devices

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