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YNB 36V15Ah Li-Po Battery Pack

Part No: YNB3615LBP
Model: Yunergy Battery 36V15Ah Li-Po Battery Pack
1) Chemistry: Lithium ion
2) Nominal Voltage: 36V
3) Nominal Capacity: 15Ah
4) Weight: Approx.2.9KG
5) Outer case: can be customzied
6) Dimension: can be customzied
7) Charge Temperature Range: 0-45℃
8) Operation Temperature Range: 0-60℃

  • 1)Steady performance,long cycle life,Eco-friendly,light weight
    2)Built-in PCM protection system,with advanced imported chip(from Japan and America)
    3)Multiple-series connection and modularized smart design
    4)OEM/ODM services is available

  • Electric Propelling Applications

    ♦ Engine Starting Battery

    ♦ Commercial Bus and Transit: E-car, E-bus, Golf Troller/car, E-bike, Scooter, RV, AGV, Marine, Tourist car, Caravan, Wheel chair,E-truck, E-sweeper, Floor cleaner, E-walker etc.

    ♦ Intellectual Robots

    ♦ Power tools: electric drills, toys

    Energy Storage

    ♦ Solar-Wind Power System

    ♦ City Grid (On/Off)

    ♦ Community and Family

    Back-up System and UPS

    ♦ Telcom Base, CATV system, Computer Server Center, Medical Instrument, Military Equipment

    Other Applications

    ♦ Security and Electronics, Mobile POS, Mining Lihgt / Torch / LED Light / Emergency Light

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