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3k 12V 2500mah 30C 4S1P lifepo4 start battery sent to Finland

Release time:2014/11/27 23:02:03

Assembled Type: 4S1P
Packing: Carton
Dimension: 110*70*28mm

YNB has sent 1k 12V 2500mah 30C 4S1P lifepo4 start battery to Finland

Main data is listed as following:

1.Model: YN-A123-4S1P

2.Voltage: 13.2V

3.Capacity: 2300mAh

4.Materials: ANR26650M1A Cells

5.Configuration of cells: 4S1P

6.Dimension: 110x70x28mm

7.Charging cable: 12cm 22AWG silicone cable with JSX-XH balancing connector

8.Discharge cable: 15cm 10AWG silicone cable

9.Max Continuous discharge rate: 30C  (69A) 

10.Peak discharge rate: 60C  (138A)

11.Package: PVC( Black or blue)

12.Weight: 350g

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